CNRT did not name its candidate in this election and is no longer supporting Ramos-Horta but backs former armed forces chief, Taur Matan Ruak, another candidate.



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15000平米Voices from The vancouver sun

While commenting on military drills the United States plans to conduct with some of China's neighboring countries, the spokesman said China believes that the peace and stability of the Asian-Pacific region is in the common interest of countries in the region.

Thousands anti-NATO marchers gather along Pak-Afghan border


自動升降42-year-old Omar---富蘭瓦時技術有限公司

自動升降by 2016---富蘭瓦時技...

A picture taken on Saturday shows Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin posing for a photo with a young ice hockey player during a visit to the Urals city of Perm. Photo: AFP

Israeli jets hit target in Lebanon-Syria border: report

Over in Hong Kong, while real estate might be one of the most expensive in the world, the city somehow managed to pass a bill to increase the ratio to 1:1.5 in 2011.

Info brokers thrive thanks to holes in law

In the old Cinderella story, a wretched orphan is mistreated by a trio comprising of two evil stepsisters and monstrous stepmother. Luckily her fairy godmother turns up to change the girl's fortune.

Govt launches complaint line

Shanghai's lowest code-blue weather alert was issued Monday afternoon, warning local residents about a cold snap forecast to cause temperatures to drop from 7 to 9 C within a 48-hour period. Local weather authorities said the cold spell could result in temperature lows of -2 C for downtown areas and -5 C for the suburbs by Wednesday.

Airbus said

It is true that our TV segment has seen losses in the past several years. We have been saying we wished to make efforts to turn things around, a Panasonic spokesman said.


China's private lending is unlikely to threaten the formal banking system, the Guangzhou-based 21st Century Business Herald quoted an anonymous official at the central bank as saying.

Troubled Sony selling shares in social networking firm

Why choose a grid for the overall planning of office space?

Taiwan produce sales to mainland up

A space design consultant team
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Shen Jiru
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Gregory Kimberly

Investors breathed a sigh of relief after European leaders reached agreement early Thursday after 10 hours of negotiations. Although the full program cannot be finalized until early December, investors were glad to see that the 17-nation eurozone was finally taking a critical step in the right direction.

said Du

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero is playing his final season with the Old Lady of Turin, club president Andrea Agnelli revealed Wednesday.

other art forms

Joffrey Lupul (No.19) of the Toronto Maple Leafs battles for a bouncing puck with Jason Garrison (left) of the Florida Panthers. Photo: AFP

Hamid Fazeli

We have never hired any companies for Sanlitun Dongwu and Dongliujie. Any parking there is illegal, said the director, surnamed Zhou. He said the administration will soon dispatch an inspection team to investigate.


@見與-不見: More progress is needed to promote healthcare reform and not all these problems can be solved after the reform is implemented. As doctors, they need to have professional ethics, as they directly face the patients and the patients' lives come first. I think the survey result is not aimed at any individual case. Instead, it's the public's indirect response to their experiences when receiving medical treatment.


Guinea-Bissau to hold presidential run-off on April 22


The Canton Public Opinion Research Center released results from a survey recently that asked residents from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to assess their satisfaction in life. The wealthy appear to be happier than people from low-income backgrounds. The center interviewed 2,001 people from the three first tier cities on their attitude towards life, interpersonal relationships and society in general. Compared to people in Guangzhou and Shanghai,

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IRGC commander warns Israel against military attack on Iran


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):It may be hard to keep an even course as intermittent inspiration suggests contrary movements, and it's hard to be sure just what direction you want to stay with.★★SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): It will help to remain emotionally detached. If you keep a level head, the power will remain with you. If you have some serious business matters to tend to, your emotional side would be best left out of the decision-making process. ★★★

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Statistics from the Singapore government showed that the Chinese mainland became the largest source of foreign house buyers in the country in the first half of the year, topping Indonesia, the Beijing Evening News reported Friday.

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Jahwa bought by Ping An


While they've been called self-centered, rebellious, disrespectful, lazy and unwilling to make sacrifices, many of the post-1990s generation - the second gen of mostly single-child families to hit the workforce in torrents - say they're just not willing to settle for what's expected or work for years helping the rich get richer.

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